Sunday, November 29, 2009

Office Communications Server R2 2007 Installation - Few undocumented time saving tips

Although OCS 2007 R2 installation has beautiful step by step by wizard and makes complex installation very simple, here are the few tips to make the installation even simpler that avoids errors in the middle of the installation.

1. Windows 2003 x64 SP2
2. Raise domain functional level to windows 2003 (Active directory trusts and services) in case
domain functional level is Windows 2000.
3. Add user into schema admin,Enterprise admin,domain admin
4. If Certification Authority is not available, Install certificate server thru Add/Remove windows component.
5. Install MSMQ thru Add/Remove windows component

6. After deploying OCS, Install Admin tools snap in (From setup wizard)
7. Before validate OCS installation check in Active directory communicator tab is appearing for user. If not log off and log in. Once it appears , enable that user for Communications.\
8. If you planning for communicator web access, configure ports >= 1025 for listening port.

Please share your tips also ...