Sunday, December 14, 2008

What BI is doing ?

BI - Business Intelligence is big talk in recent days. It is more of old wine - Dash board or Decision Services software (DSS) in a new bottle. Only difference is BI tools gives 360 degree entrise reporting, integrated in one place. As of now there is not much intelligence is there in any of B.I tools be it Microsoft 's Reporting Services or Business objects ...etc., It gives organized data and aids in decision making does not itself intelligently do anything.

If all B.I went in right direction, we won't face economic crisis today.
This is perfect example of Man proposes God Disposes and law of nature. In recent years, whole world is shifting from Agri-based industries to hi-tech industries. We should remember that we can't bite bytes.

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  1. Great thought Siva. Hope your blogs inspire someone to create a real BI product :)