Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could not record and playback Coded UI test for web part enabled ASP.Net application

Today one of the interesting problem was reported by our test team. They were facing issues while playing back the recorded coded UI automated test scripts. One of the application they were trying to automate was built with webparts. 

Because of this test script written by one tester , could not be executed by other so team member.
After examining the source of html, we found that personalization db causing control id to generate different for different users.

Workaround :
After dwelling hours we decided to go with with workaround.
ie To swap user id between recorded tester with the one who is going to execute the script.

using the following update statement.

use aspnetdb
update aspnet_users set username = 'executerid' ,loweredusername='executerid'
where username='recorderid'

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