Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SQL Server 2008 New Features

New features in SQL SERVER 2008

Analysis Scale and Performance
SQL Server 2008 drives broader analysis with enhanced analytical capabilities and with more complex computations and aggregations. New cube design tools help users streamline the development of the analysis infrastructure enabling them to build solutions for optimized performance.

Star Join Query Optimizations
SQL Server 2008 provides improved query performance for common data warehouse scenarios. Star Join Query optimizations reduce query response time by recognizing data warehouse join patterns.

Partitioned Table Parallelism
Partitions enable organizations to manage large growing tables more effectively by transparently breaking them into manageable blocks of data. SQL Server 2008 builds on the advances of partitioning in SQL Server 2005 by improving the performance on large partitioned tables.

Integrated Full Text Search
Integrated Full Text Search makes the transition between Text Search and relational data seamless, while enabling users to use the Text Indexes to perform high-speed text searches on large text columns.

SQL Server 2008 introduces new date and time data types:

DATE—A date-only type

TIME—A time-only type

DATETIMEOFFSET—A time-zone-aware datetime type

DATETIME2—A datetime type with larger fractional seconds and year range than the existing DATETIME type

MERGE SQL Statement
With the introduction of the MERGE SQL Statement, developers can more effectively handle common data warehousing scenarios, like checking whether a row exists, and then executing an insert or update.

Enhanced Database Mirroring
SQL Server 2008 builds on SQL Server 2005 by providing a more reliable platform that has enhanced database mirroring, including automatic page repair, improved performance, and enhanced supportability.

Transparent Data Encryption
Enable encryption of an entire database, data files, or log files, without the need for application changes. Benefits of this include: Search encrypted data using both range and fuzzy searches, search secure data from unauthorized users, and data encryption without any required changes in existing applications.


  1. There was some more features added in SQL server 2008 like Grouping Sets, Change Data Capture, Block Computations, Writeback, Manage Reporting Infrastructure, Internet Report Deployment and many more. You can update this by adding these features.

    Mark Willium
    SQL Recovery Specialist